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Wind Turbine Cleaning

Wind Turbine Cleaning – HLS Wind provide an efficient and environmentally friendly wind turbine cleaning solution for the UK’s onshore wind industry.

Cleaning both the turbine and the blades not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the turbine but provides performance added benefits and efficiency.

The build up of insects, oil contamination, pollution, sand and dirt creates an unsightly turbine and reduces the aerodynamic performance of the blades.

HLS Wind utilise only environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning agents (designed and manufactured by ourselves in house); this is necessary due to the location of wind turbines, often located within farm land and around live stock. To compliment our bespoke cleaning agents we utilise low pressured steam at variable temperatures with our DOFF systems; the hoses are capable of reaching over 100 metres and are van mounted to ensure efficiency.

Our technicians access the turbine using rope access techniques, this negates the need for large fuel powered access machinery and can both significantly reduce cost and also minimises pollution on the landscape.

During wind turbine cleaning we are able to provide blade inspections if required; due to the rope access techniques used to access the turbine and blades our technicians work within touching distance of the entire structure, this provides the opportunity for a comprehensive visual inspection (UAV Drone inspections can also be provided alongside a visual inspection) and accompanying inspection survey / report.

Dry Cleaning:

HLS Wind are able to provide dry cleaning solutions to the internal components, mechanical instruments and access walkways.

Dry cleaning presents no liquid or condensation risks and is ideal for use in electrical and mechanical environments. Our dry cleaning services can include CO2 cleaning if required.

The cleaning of the internal components and mechanisms is essential in ensuring efficiency, longevity and importantly safety.

We are also able to provide dry cleaning services for all internal walkways and staircases using only biodegradable cleaning agents and techniques; this ensures tat the environment internally is safe for technicians to access and work within.

HLS Wind - Our Services - Wind Turbine Cleaning
HLS Wind - Wind Turbine Cleaning
HLS Wind - Wind Turbine Cleaning
HLS Wind

Why Choose HLS Wind:

  • HLS Wind use only the highest qualified and most experienced GWO and rescue technicians.
  • Large teams of highly trained technicians can be assembled quickly.
  • Accurate reports and risk assessments are provided; these are bespoke to each project.
  • Our rope access rescue technicians can provide safety rescue cover at any height and within any confined space.
  • We own and provide the vast majority of the equipment required; this ensures that all equipment is readily available, in excellent working condition, conforms to all relevant BS EN standards and provides our client with a more economical safety rescue cover provision.
  • We are able to mobilise quickly and provide safety rescue cover to any location nationwide.
  • HLS Wind are accredited with Safe ContractorCHAS and Construction Line; as well as all rope access technicians being fully IRATA certified ensures that we employ safe systems of work on all projects.
  • HLS Wind are fully insured, £10,000,000 employers liability, £5,000,000 public liability and possess specific insurance for work within high risk confined spaces and work at height.

Locations Covered:

HLS Wind operate nationwide throughout the United Kingdom and provide services in England, Wales and Scotland.

Based in Lancashire, North West, our teams are mobile and can be mobilised quickly to provide reactive solutions when necessary. We own and provide the vast majority of equipment required for any confined space works; this ensures quality, integrity and also enhances our speeds of mobilisation for reactive projects.

HLS Wind operate in Lancashire | Cumbria | Yorkshire | County Durham | Northumberland | Greater Manchester | Merseyside | Cheshire | Scotland | Wales | North West | North East

Please Contact Us for for a detailed discussion and assessment of your wind turbine cleaning requirements – 03335777457 – info@hlswind.co.uk